True art – the joy of man at work

Written by Tamme on February 18, 2021 in Art and Humility and Life and Spirituality with no comments.

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No, I don’t want to write here that everyone should enjoy their ‘9to5’ job and that true art is to endure life. The stoic idea behind it would also be worth a blogpost. But: not today, not here.

By work, I mean something else here. We Freemasons speak of ‘working on ourselves’. And we are talking about ‘work’ when we come together for ritual meetings. When we speak of ‘working on our rough stone’, we mean working on ourselves as beings, as personalities. In fact, is nothing more than the oldest personality training in the . Only that we call our own imperfect personality a ‘rough (unhewn) stone and talk about wanting to work on this stone until it comes as close as possible to the perfect cube. Work from a Masonic point of view is therefore nothing more than work on one’s own personality. I would even like to say: Incarnation, because for many Freemasons a spiritual level also belongs to our being as a human being and therefore needs to be developed just as much as all other levels of personality.

It is not for nothing that we Freemasons speak of Freemasonry, of ‘royal art’. The art of working as a human being.

This view of the concept of work can be extended beyond the Masonic context.

William Morris once said:

“What I understand by true art is the expression of man’s joy at work… This is a most benevolent gift from nature, because all human beings, even, it seems, all things, have to work.”

We as human beings have an urge to things. To be creative. To give meaning to the world around us through our creative activity, through our work. Work is – in this sense – the creative process, the creative process. part of our human nature. And one can call this work or the results of this work art – whatever form it may have.

Everything we have created, better: every thing we create can be understood as a work of art. A work of art which gives its an unspeakable joy which is truly divine origin. Yes, I believe that our is divine origin. Well, you can also use a different term for a higher being instead of the concept of and speak of ‘the universe’. That makes no difference. Our creative power, which goes far beyond pure , has been placed in our cradle.

If we treat it with care, consciously perceive it, and use it consciously, that is, consciously, to create something good, we creators. Almost to God’s co-creators of a perfect world, which should always be our most important goal. Similar to the perfect cube as a symbol of the -never to be reached-perfect man, it is this perfect world that we all, you and I, have to work on. By being creative, creative, working. And this work, on us and on the world, this insertion of the (divine) talents that we have been given, that is the true art in life.

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