Bread for the people – or hairdressers if need be

Written by Tamme on February 14, 2021 in Covid19 and Politics and Reality and Thoughts with no comments.

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Just a short today – hopefully. About strange temporal connections.

Or rather an example of a very strange temporal connection (a so-called ‘sszZ’). Observed this week:

A few days ago, one could increasingly share in the media the currently difficult fate of hairdressers during the pandemic. There are many industries and professions going through a hard at the moment. I honestly don’t know which people I feel more sorry for: those on short-time who don’t know what to do in the future or those who catch covid in some meat or fish factory. Hairdressers, however, have played a very special role in the media these days.

In prime time, the video of a hairdresser is referred to, who honestly and very desperately addresses the politicians with her existential angst.

Almost at the same time, also obviously effective in the media, at least one hairdresser states that obviously both professional footballers and politicians are allowed to enjoy regular hair care. This is then quite quickly incorporated by some politicians into the permanent discussion about lockdown relaxations. The first hints of individual federal states to exempt hairdressers from the lockdown are followed, promptly, by the nationwide exemption rule for hairdressers.

A strange temporal connection between media suffering, envy of politicians (and their visits to the hairdressers) and bread for the people, in this case: the exemption rule for hairdressers. In my opinion, the connection between the events cannot be denied – even if it was not reflected in the justification for the exemption. Just as nothing at all was reflected there. Because there was no justification.

Well, I am only a lay virologist anyway. Maybe it’s true that hairdressers can’t get , but chiropodists can. Or that garden centre employees are Covid-resistant, but DIY store employees are not. Maybe. But maybe that’s sarcastic now.

Back to the very strange temporal connections. I found it funny that parallel to the logical sequence of events (suffering – envy – bread), a disturbance came from one federal state. In , the politicians had actually forgotten to ban hairdressers from making house calls. Yes, in Bremen hairdressers were allowed to make house calls during the lockdown. Luxurious in Bremen. It’s kind of nice when even politicians forget something every now and then. It’s just a pity that this came to light right in the middle of the causal chain of suffering – envy – bread and was banned immediately before the nationwide decree on hairdresser visits. Yes, the politicians in Bremen took the to ban home visits for a few days before it was decided at the Federal Conference of Interior Ministers to open the hairdressing salons.

Be that as it may, there are really many people who are suffering from the pandemic at this time. But every now and then someone is allowed to be happy. About having achieved something special. This week, that definitely includes the hairdressers’ guild, or rather the person who came up with the media move that led to the exemption.

No, not sarcasm but sincere appreciation.

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